Santa Monican MONICLE
People. Place. Passion. Grace. CLICK VIDS TO VISIT
Santa Monica. The "lady by the sea" sports a monicle. Look into this digital eye to behold her many reflections. STREAMING ° MAGAZINE


Like waves upon the shore, streaming TV channels are but ripples from the world's most populous medium. So video streams turning the [web] page on the virtual print format was inevitable. Truth be told, there are no pages in cyberspace. Just a page construct abusing the concept to funnel-feed an eternal scroll, that takes a toll. But things are looking-up. The eyes have spoken, and the eyes have it. Video owns the screen.


The Santa clickable video TV channel streams the goods to you, in a music powered playlist instead of a babbling brook. Our in-video links are safe, better looking and more fun. So when you see an on-screen product you like, click it to explore it.


Beyond watching, Join Us. Viewers can add goods to the showcase stream, or get their own Santa Monican channel. Our video creation, production and promotion services will manage the channel and deliver Next Gen TV features like click-to-buy, call, text, MRSS feeds, in-video social networking buttons, Live TV, BizcardTV, eCardTV and more.
PRIVACY: Santa client data is only used to fill client's order. We do not use cookies. However, your payment processing service does. Their privacy policies are covered at, and Visit them for details. CHANNEL